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Special Editions | Custom Canary Alligator

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This post kicks off a brand new series, titled Special Editions.  We will use this series to showcase our most exclusive, special, and custom crafted work.  For this debut post we are so excited to share our latest custom project -- a curated selection of our best-selling jewelry pieces, crafted in sumptuous American alligator custom-dyed in the most gorgeous shade of canary yellow. 

Custom Canary Alligator

Like what you see? Please see image below for a list of style information.

1. Classic Bracelet (Small)

2. Spider Cuff (Double)

3. Cage Cuff

4. Classic Bracelet (Small)

5. Classic Bracelet (Large)

6. Classic Bracelet (Medium)

7. Studded Collar (Single)

8. Studded Double Cuff (Large)

9. Classic Bracelet (Large)

All styles shown are available in our Foundation classic color palette [click here to shop].  If you are interested in any of the canary alligator pieces featured, or are interested in creating your own custom order -- please contact, using "Custom Order" as the subject line. 

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